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About Coconino Astronomical Society (CAS)

The CAS is an Arizona not-for-profit corporation consisting of individuals interested in Astronomy and observing enthusiasts located in, and around, Flagstaff, in northern Arizona. If you want to learn more about Astronomy and star-gazing, you should consider joining us since you can meet others at all levels of expertise in these areas, from novices to professionals.

Some of the benefits of CAS membership and activities the club is involved in are:
  • Monthly meetings with guest lecturers from Lowell Observatory, NAU, Naval Observatory, USGS, and other astronomy organizations from around Arizona, and beyond
  • Monthly Star Parties at the CAS Dark Sky Observing Site north of Williams (facility has a Celestron 14-inch Telescope)
  • Monthly (Apr - Oct) Sidewalk Astronomy public outreach observing at Heritage Square
  • June Picnic, and December Winter Holiday Party
  • Other activities are astro-photography imaging workshops, special events coordinated with Lowell Observatory, and more
  • Solar Observing Activities, and CAS representation at the fall Flagstaff Festival of Science

The Mission

The purpose of CAS is to increase the appreciation and knowledge of the science of Astronomy of its membership, and within the community. It does this through presentations at meetings, by hosting star parties, and other activities that promote the interest and education in astronomy.

The club encourages mentoring, and fosters relationships within the Society. CAS also maintains strong relationships with Lowell Observatory, and other Flagstaff area scientific and educational organizations. CAS is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 corporation consisting of dedicated amateur astronomers committed to preserving the night sky and promoting astronomy to the entire community, regardless of age.

  • CAS Brochure 2018.pdf    ( Application for Membership and General Description of Activites )

  • art_bylaws.pdf    ( Articles of Incorporation of the Coconino Astronomical Society and Bylaws - 2001 )

Astrophotographyis one of the main tools utilized by the CAS to achieve its goals. These images obtained by member Richard Edmonds are some of his best of the planets and were obtained in his own observatory in Flagstaff. They represent many hours of effort along with the excellent seeing found here in Flagstaff.

is Richard's own section.

© 2014Richard Edmonds

© 2016Richard Edmonds

© 2016Richard Edmonds


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