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If you are having problems or have questions contact a club member using this email address: info@coconinoastro.org

CAS Online Meetings Using Skype

This page provides information for using Skype for online CAS meetings. In a meeting email notice a link is provided for joining a meeeting. This link is the same for all meetings and can be bookmarked in your browser.
To join the meeting you must have Skype loaded on your computer or cellphone. You can either create an account with Skype or sign-in as a guest.

Although you can do without it a microphone is recommended. Without a microphone you only option to interact with the group is the chat feature. A camera is recommended but not necessary.

Starting a Meeting

To start the meeting click on the html link in the email or copy and paste it into the browser.

If you are on a Mac you may see slightly different screens

Browser Menu

Browser Menu

Next this screen appears. Simply press Open Link.

You may bookmark this link for future meetings.

Sign In

Lanuch Application

The next screen is to sign in under an existing account or as a guest. If you have Skype open you will not see this screen

Join Call

Lanuch Application

Note the two icons for the camera and micrhophone. Normally the microphone is mutted. To speak you must unmute it. You can also mute the camera if you have one. You can change these default options under the Setup Menu

The chat icon allows you to send text messages to the other participants.

To start the meeting press the Blue Start Meeting button.


Main Screen

Lanuch Application

Once you join the call you see this screen.

At the top right of the screen is a rectangular icon drop down menu.

Pressing on this icon brings up a menu with optons for entering or exiting full-screen. Depending on your computer configuraton there may be more or fewer options.

At the bottom of the screen are a number of icons. Left to right they are:


Sharing your Screen

Lanuch Application

Press the Share Screen icon at the bottom of the screen to bring up this menu.

You can either share your desktop or a single application.

The menu varies depending if you have two monitors or are on a laptop.

This example is for a computer configured with two displays, The left Desktop optons are for selecting either of the two displays. This will show your entire desktop.

The "Window" options allows you to share a single application.



Skype Microphone, Camera, and Speaker Check

Lanuch Application

Perform the fofllowing test of your microphone and speaker.

At the top of the "Audio & Video" screen you should see the output of your camera.
To the right of the text "Camera" the selected camera is displayed. There is a drop down list to change the selection.

On the same "audio & Video" screen scroll down to the Microphone section. To the right of the "Microphone" text there is another pull down menu to select the microphone. Make sure the correct one is selected.

If you speak into our microphone you should see a horizonal row of blue dots changing as your volume changes. If you don't see this then your microphone is not working.

Press the "Test audio" button to verify your speakers are working. Although not highlighted in the photo there is a pull down menu to select your speakers.

At the bottom of the pop-up menu is a "Make a free test call". You may use this to verify your speaker and microphone are working. I believe this does not work if you are logged on as Guest.

Windows 10 Check Microphone Sound Level

Do this check if you cannot get any sound out of your microphone. The level setting discussed below seems to default to zero on Windows.

Lanuch Application
Lanuch Application
Lanuch Application


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