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Dave Frisk

CAS Official Observing Site and Monthly Star Parties

CAS holds their Monthly Observing Star Parties on the Saturday closest to New Moon (see the Calendar for actual dates.)

CAS members, Dave and Kristen Frisk, are the hosts at their two acre, fenced dark-sky site north of Williams, which has two well equipped roll-off roof observatories - as well as a warm room and two facilities for CAS members who wish to observe and then stay overnight.

Besides the above, there is an Observing Patio, a Work Shop, and ample parking for a large number of vehicles, as well as a picnic area with six tables and two barbeques.

Below is a summary of what this unique observing location has to offer CAS members.

Main Observatory
10’x10’ Roll-off Roof
Houses a Celestron-14 on a Losmandy G-11 Gemini go-to mount. It has an Explorer Scientific 80mm Apo-refractor guide scope, a finder and Telrad. Also available is a computer, TV and video camera, computer guide scope, and Star Shoot autoguider.
2nd Observatory
8’x9’ Roll Off Roof
Daytime Observing with a 60mm Lundt H-Alpha Solar Telescope. White light Solar and Evening Observing with a Celestron-8 on a Losmandy GM8 mount. This is the guest mount and scope. If you wish to use your own scope on the mount, it has a Losmandy wide dovetail/Vixen saddle plate.
Warm Room 10’x12’ warm room with sleeping loft for two. Has tables for charts (including charts), a TV, small library, etc.
“The Little House” This is a 12’x20’ building with queen-size sleeping downstairs, kitchen facilities, a flush toilet, and a 50” TV. There is a double bed upstairs in the loft.
18-foot Camp Trailer The camper resides on the upper property, sleeps four and is fully self-contained. It includes heat, air-conditioning, bathroom, TV, etc.
Large Observing Patio The ample patio area is available for many members to set up their own telescopes. Electric is available.
Workshop Should something require fixing, the 24’x36’ shop area is well equipped.
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