Cone Nebula Complex

© 2017 Klaus Brasch

Jeff, Jim, Kwang and I spent a wonderful few days and nights at Arizona Sky Village last week to observe and image under very dark skies and a gorgeous setting. Although sky conditions varied from superb to scary (one nasty T-storm), we had a great time.

I have attached two images, both taken with an AP-155 Starfire apo at f/5.5 with a modified Canon 6D, shooting at ISO 6400 through an IDAS LPS-V4 filter under excellent seeing and transparency. One is the Cone or Christmas tree nebula complex in Monocerus. Note the small comet like feature at bottom left, Hubble's Variable Nebula. The other image is of Centaurus A (NGC 5128) a most unusual galaxy.

Centaurus A

© 2017 Klaus Brasch

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