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Venus Transit

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Annular Solar Eclipse

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23 April 2014 - 10" Meade F/6.3 LX200/GPS - Canon 60Da shooting in Movie Crop mode at prime focus with a 2X barlow. 60 fps, 1/100 sec, ISO800. Stack of 30 frames processed in Photoshop 6.0.

Meade 10" f/6.3 LSX200/GPS
Prime focus with a 2X barlow - Canon 60Da shooting in Movie Crop mode (60 fps,) ISO 800
© 2014 Rich Edmonds

Jupiter January 3, 2014 - stk 250

© 2014 Rich Edmonds

May 18, 2015 - After our late last week rain and snow storms I was surprised to see how good observing was last night. I went out around 8:30 PM and began capturing images of M101, M100, M98, Jupiter and Saturn. I waited for Saturn to get up higher in the sky but by the time I got to it, around 11 PM, the wind was picking up. I shot two quick 60 second video clips hoping to pull something out worth stacking. This is what I got. It it is a bit amazing to see these considering how much the image was dancing around. I'm still processing the Messier and Jupiter images.

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