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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Dr. Audrey Thirouin, Lowell Observatory

Title: “Contact Binary in the Trans-Neptunian Belnomy”

A contact binary is a system of two separated objects almost in contact, but it can also be an object consisting of two lobes in contact (bi-lobed object with a peanut/bone shape). This kind of peculiar system/object is found across all the small body populations in our Solar System, from the Near-Earth Objects population to the Trans-Neptunian belt.

Contact binaries in the Trans-Neptunian belt are not resolvable with the Hubble Space Telescope because of the small separation between the system's components. Only light curves with a characteristic V-shape/U-shape at the minimum/maximum of brightness and a large amplitude can identify these objects. Despite an expected high fraction of contact binaries, so far only one has been found in the Trans-Neptunian belt. If the contact binaries are so common, where are they?

Board Meeting
Thursday - ( 7:00 pm )

July 27, 2017

Club Observing
Saturday - ( at Sunset )

July 22, 2017 ( Sunset: 7:40 pm )

Williams Public Viewing
Friday - ( at Sunset )

July 28, 2017 ( Sunset: 7:35 pm )

Directions for Williams

Location: Glassburn Park - in the natural area west of Rod’s Steakhouse parking lot. Take I40 west. Exit 165 into Williams. The park is about 2-3 blocks after the hill, just past the edge of town on the right.

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