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We welcome anyone interested in astronomy. Membership entitles you to attend monthly general meetings and special club events. You can also take part in our club’s participation in public and private star parties. We keep members informed about all activities via the CAS website and email reminders.
Membership types include "Individual," "Household" for two adults from the same address, "Junior" for those under 18 or who are college students, and "Sponsoring" for those wishing to help support the Society (a portion of which may be tax-deductible.)

Membership fees per year:

  • Individuals - $20.00
  • Household - $30.00
  • Student - $10.00
  • Sponsor - $80.00

If you have any questions or contact information changes please email us

Please provide the following information for a club membership, renewal, donation, or sponsor

Please enter your name, email, and phone number. If this is a household membership please fill in the name for the second person.

`Fields marked with an asterick are required, all other fields are optional.

Your phone number is used to contact you in the case we have a problem with your email.

Once all the data is entered press the Submit button to record the data.

Once the Submit button is pressed the Jotform disappears and you then need to make the Paypal payment to finish the transaction.

If you want to create another entry you need to refresh the page.

After completing the JotForm and pressing the Submit button please press the Donate button to make a membership or donation PayPal payment.

For Donations and Club Dues

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